Se our Learning Model below

The Community Learning Campus (CLC) provides a collaborative approach that supports Olds College, Chinook’s Edge School Division, and other stakeholder efforts to provide programming for high school and college students, staff, and community members through meaningful partnerships. The CLC acts as a “broker” or the “spark” to bring groups to the table to discuss and implement initiatives.

Some examples of learning opportunities and programs that have evolved from the vision of the CLC are:

*  Dual credit courses and programs for high school students, where students earn credits in both high school and the college for the same course.

*  Engagement with students in K-12, through field trips and access to expertise at Olds College, Chinook's Edge School Division, and community members

 * The development of an Olds College Faculty Mentorship Program with support from Chinook's Edge School Division.

*  Access to the state of the art CLC Fitness Centre, including enhanced college and high school athletic programming, community leagues and exercise programs for seniors.

*  High school, college and community access to fine arts programs through such events as Kiwanis and District Music Festival, Young Song Writers Intensive or band and theatre productions.


learning model