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What is dual credit?

A high school student who is involved in dual credit is taking either a high school or a post-secondary course that results in both high school credits and post-secondary credits being earned.  Students are enrolled in both the high school and the post-secondary institution at the same time. 

Why dual credit?

Research indicates a number of benefits for students in dual credit programs, including increases in student attendance, student engagement and achievement, and career and life goal setting.  Chinook’s Edge is uniquely positioned to implement dual credit due to its partnership with Olds College in the Community Learning Campus.

Where are the courses being offered, and what courses will be available?

Olds College dual credit courses and programs are available in a variety of delivery methods and on a variety of schedules.  Past dual credit opportunities included courses and programs in welding, carpentry, machining, equine, fashion marketing, apparel technology, and landscape construction.  Dual credit is not possible in all College courses and programs.   Details about courses and programs that are available for dual credit are provided through your high school, usually in May for courses that start in September, and in October for second semester courses.  

Who is eligible for dual credit?

Generally, students in grades 11 and 12 are able to apply for dual credit courses and programs.  In some cases, grade 10 students also may be eligible. Your school’s Guidance Counsellor will assist your son or daughter to determine if there is a dual credit course or program that fits their interests and schedule.

For application packages and more information, please talk to your school’s guidance counsellor.


A Community Learning Campus dual credit program
at Olds College is serving up career options for Olds
Career High student, Christian Payuyo.

Dual Credit Hospitality

(L to R) Dr. Lissa Steele (Associate Superintendent at Chinook's Edge/Member of the CLC Governance Team), Jackie Taylor (CLC Director), Christian Payuyo (dual credit student), Brenda Bauer (Olds College Instructor, Hospitality and Tourism Management).