COVID-19 Reopening Information

Welcome back to the CLC Fitness Centre!

We ask that you please take time to read all of the posted information in the sections listed below, so that you will be informed on all our updates and information.

  • Memberships
  • New facility procedures and usage 
  • Hours of operation
  • Required pre-booking of workout sessions
  • Health & Safety Protocols 
  • General membership information and expectations 

Please be advised of these key changes:

We will be unable to process any changes to membership prior to our facility reopening June 25th. We anticipate being busy in the first few days of reopening and may not be able to answer your call. Please leave us a message, or email, and we will reconnect with you in the very near future. 

As well, all clients wishing to visit the CLC Fitness Centre must have booked an online session prior to arriving at the facility.

Please ensure your contact email is up to date to make sure you receive all information regarding our facilities re-opening. Please contact us at clcfitnesscentre@oldscollege if changes to your contact information are required.

We are going CASHLESS. As advised by AHS Guidelines, the CLC Fitness Centre will become cashless upon the reopening of our facility. All transactions and required client forms will be processed through our online software. 

*IMPORTANT: We ask you to review all of the information listed below.

Fitness Centre Hours of Operation

Fitness Centre Hours of Operations

Safety & Cleaning Processes

Upon the reopening of the CLC Fitness Centre, we are introducing new practices and protocols to protect the health and safety of our clients and staff as guided by AHS. 

  • We ask all clients to remain well informed of current AHS expectations for all Albertans. 

  • Clients must be symptom free and adhere to physical distancing when using the CLC Fitness Centre. Please review these guidelines frequently and help the CLC Fitness Centre be a safe environment. 

  • The CLC Fitness Centre will be cashless, and reduce paper use. All transactions and required form completion will be completed online. 

  • The CLC Fitness Centre will close completely for 30 minutes between each workout session to sanitize and disinfect equipment. During this time, members will not be permitted within the CLC Fitness Centre and must vacate the CLC facility altogether.

  • Protective barriers have been installed at our front desk to protect or staff and clientele.

  • For everyone’s safety, our staff will be required to wear masks when 2 metre physical distancing is not possible, with the exception of fitness instructors that are actively teaching a course as per AHS Guidelines

  • Our staff will be frequently cleaning equipment throughout our hours of operation, and we ask members to assist us by ensuring they wipe down equipment before and after every use. For now, members will be supplied with their own individual spray bottle and towel to sanitize equipment before and after use. New single use disposable wipes will soon be on site. 

  • As per AHS Guidelines, clients are encouraged to perform frequent hand hygiene before, during and after the activity. Touchless hand sanitizer units will be available throughout the CLC Fitness Centre. We also encourage clients to bring their own hand sanitizer for use within the facility. Clients should refrain from touching their eyes, nose, mouth and face while using the facility. 

  • Clients may choose to wear a mask when not engaging in intense physical activity. 

  • Member towels will no longer be provided. Individuals may bring their own towel which must be removed from the facility after each session. 

  • Members MUST practice physical distancing of a minimum two-meters or more as required by AHS Guidelines. This will be enforced by CLC Fitness Centre staff and clients are expected to adhere to this expectation.

  • Dress code will continue to be enforced. CLC Fitness and Recreation staff have the right to refuse access to any member not adhering to the facility’s dress code.

Booking & Capacity
  • All individuals must reserve a workout session in advance of arrival through and your Fitness Centre Account Login. There will be no walk in bookings allowed at the CLC Fitness Centre location. All usage must be reserved online prior to arrival. 

  • These work out sessions are blocked for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Members are asked to arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the start of your booked session. At the end of each pre-scheduled exercise session, all individuals must exit the Fitness Centre and CLC Facility immediately. A 5 minute warning will be given prior to the end of each session. We will expect clients to conclude their workout with this 5 minute warning.   

  • We will not be accepting session bookings over the phone, with the exception of our daily Vulnerable Sector time slot. 

  • There will be a designated 1 hour and 30 minutes session daily for only those in the Vulnerable Sector. During this time ONLY, online booking will not be mandatory, but still encouraged. Capacity limits will still be enforced, and facilities will operate on a first come first serve basis. We strongly recommend booking online to ensure a spot. Support workers for vulnerable clients will be expected to follow all AHS Guidelines when working closely with their client. 

  • As per AHS Guidelines, CLC Fitness Centre clients will acknowledge upon each booked session that they are symptom free as detailed by the AHS COVID-19 daily self assessment for all Albertans. Clients will also be required to acknowledge their personal responsibility as per AHS information for Albertans on preventing the spread of COVID-19.

  • Any individual exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms CANNOT enter/use the facility. If a client is within the facility and exhibits cold-like symptoms, CLC Fitness Centre staff will ask the client to leave the facility immediately and not return for a 14 day period of time. 

  • Members will be permitted to book into a 1 hour and 30 minute session, up to 3 days in advance.

  • All individuals are permitted to book only one session per/day.

  • Individuals who do not show up for their scheduled time may lose your booking privileges for a period of five days. Clients will have the opportunity to accept or cancel session booking through an RSVP confirmation email, or member account.

Online Booking Your Workout Session

Booking Online Workout Instructions (PDF) 

Book Your Online Workout Session

Drop-in Clients

  • We will be accepting drop-in clients. However, drop-in clients will ONLY be accepted into the facility if they have BOOKED ONLINE into an available session and paid their fee prior to coming into the facility. No drop-in clients will be processed on site at the CLC Administrative Desk. 
  • At this time we will not be accepting 3 DAY TRIAL PASSES or HARDCOPY FLEX PASSES.

Drop- In Session Cancellation Policy

All Drop-In cancellation requests must be received ONE HOUR prior to the booked session. All requests must be submitted via email to , PHONE REQUESTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Any requests received after this time will not be eligible for a refund.

New Members

  • Individuals looking to renew their current membership will do so during a scheduled workout session. 
  • Individuals looking to purchase a new membership will be required to contact our Customer Service desk at 403-507-7782 to schedule a time to speak with our Customer Service Representative.



  • NO. Our reservation system requires you to use your own personal login and does not have the capability of booking for other users.


  • NO. We will not be accepting any booking over the phone, with the exception of our vulnerable sector session time slot. FITNESS MEMBERS CANCEL A BOOKING (PROCESS):
    To cancel booking please see your booking reservation confirmation email. Where it asks you to RSVP please select NO, by selecting NO this will inform us that you will not be attending session, and you are free to book a different time.


  • Please email us at and our staff will connect with you.
Arriving For Your Session
  • Please ensure you are arriving ONLY at the start time of your session. We cannot have clients gathering in large numbers ahead of the scheduled time. Clients must maintain two-meter distancing and follow directional arrows at all times within the facility. 

  • At this time, our change room facilities will not be available and will remain closed. We expect all clients to come prepared in their workout gear with a change of inside footwear. Changing is NOT permitted in public washrooms on the main or 2nd floor locations.

  • Day use lockers will be available in the 2nd floor foyer. Members are responsible for bringing their own locks and removing them as soon as their booked session is completed. Every second column of lockers will be closed off to provide spacing. Lockers cannot be monitored. All locker doors and handles will be cleaned between usage. 

  • Prior to entering the CLC Fitness Centre all individuals will be required to sanitize their hands. 

Members must check-in at the customer service desk to scan client cards and confirm their online booking. No walk-ins are permitted. All client usage of the CLC Fitness Centre must be pre-booked using the online booking process.

Membership Updates
  • We will be unable to process any changes to membership prior to our facility reopening June 25th. We anticipate being busy in the first few days of reopening and may not be able to answer your call. Please leave us a message, or email, and we will reconnect with you in the very near future. 


Pre-authorized monthly fitness memberships will RE-ACTIVATE, AND PAYMENTS will resume on July 15th.

1. Can I still come to the gym before July 15th?
  •     Yes absolutely you can!
2. How do I book my online session?
  •     Please follow the step by step process outlined in ONLINE BOOKING.
  •     Please select  Pre-authorized monthly payment option  under the fee type.******
   2. Do I get charge for using the facility from June 25th - July 15th?
  • NO. Pre-authorized membership holders will not be charged during this time, your first payment will be July 15th.
3. PAD Temporary Membership Freeze Extension
  •  ALL pre-authorized membership holders must contact the CLC Fitness Centre via email between June 25 -July 10th if they wish to extend their freeze. Any future requests must be submitted and approved prior to the 15th of each month, there will be no refunds.All freezes will need to be approved on a month to month basis. At a determined point in the future, all memberships will be required to be re-engaged.
  • Paid in full membership will be extended for the length of the facility closure and will be applied automatically to your account. THERE IS NO NEED TO CONTACT THE FITNESS CENTRE FOR MEMBERSHIP EXTENSION.

  • If you are not ready to return to the CLC Fitness Centre upon the June 25th reopening date, we will offer a temporary membership freeze. All freezes will need to be approved on a month to month basis. At a determined point in the future, all memberships will be required to be re-engaged.
Fitness Membership Cancellation/Refund Policy
  • If you are not ready to return to the CLC Fitness Centre upon the June 25th reopening date, we will offer a temporary membership freeze. All freezes will need to be approved on a month to month basis.

  • A first time membership purchase is refundable within the first two weeks, minus a $10 administration fee. After the two-week period, memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

With the exception of a Pre- Authorized Payment Contract, a membership may be cancelled and refunded if the individual contracts a serious illness, or a permanent physical incapacity which is confirmed by a doctor we reasonably agree to.The individual is also required to pay an administration fee which is equal to your Membership Fees for a period of 30 days. Membership will only be cancelled in the case of a (medical illness, or permanent physical incapacity) from the date of which the Doctor's note was received by the CLC Fitness Centre.

Amenities & Equipment

During the initial reopening of the CLC Fitness Centre strict capacity requirements will be set to ensure that we are meeting all guidelines and recommendations set by Alberta Health Services. Temporary closures or reduced services and amenities may be required where physical distancing is not possible or where other risk factors are present.

Reduced Amenities and Services

Indoor Track

  • 2 meter spacing required by clients. Side by side walking is not allowed. 
  • Traffic one way only and only use of one assigned lane (inside lane).
  • The middle lane of the track will be closed to allow for physical distancing.
  • Outside track lanes will be used for passing.
  • Walking only is permitted at this time. As per AHS Guidelines, running is encouraged outdoors at this time. 

Water Fountains 

  • We encourage members to bring filled water bottles. Touchless bottle refills will remain in use with the exception of the one located on the west wall of the facility. 

Retail Items

  • No retail will be sold at this time. 

Mats, Bands, Rollers

  • Most equipment accessories will still be available, however the quantity of each type of accessory will be reduced to limit the amount of cleaning required after each use. Any equipment with porous texture will be removed from the fitness centre floor and will not be available for client use.
  • Members may bring their own fitness accessories, but they must be removed at the end of their session.

Air Circulation/Fans

  • Fans will remain off during this time to prevent unnecessary movement of air as per AHS expectations. 
  • Entrances and outside doors will remain open as much as possible to meet a recommendation by AHS for appropriate airflow. 


  • Day use lockers will be available in the 2nd floor foyer. Members are responsible for bringing their own locks, and removing them as soon as their booked session is completed. Every second column of lockers will be closed off to provide spacing. All locker doors will be part of the cleaning plan developed with caretaking. This will be considered a high touch location in need of frequent cleaning. 


  • The only washrooms accessible to clients will be the downstairs public washrooms and the two upstairs individual washrooms. Appropriate signage will be displayed and these locations will be identified for frequent cleaning by assigned caretaking staff. 

Shoe Racks

  • Available for clients to use for outside shoes. 

Change Rooms and Showers

  • Facility showers and change rooms will not be available during our first phase of reopening as per recommendations from AHS. 

Lost & Found

  • Items left behind will be collected, itemized by staff and secured. Clothing items, water bottles, etc  will only be secured for 72 hours and then donated to local organizations. Items that are of higher value i.e. phones, headphones, etc will be held until claimed.

Closed Amenities & Services 

  • Squash & Racquetball Activity (squash court will be utilized as space for regular work out stations)
  • Outdoor Centre Equipment Rentals 
  • Change Rooms and Showers will be closed at this time for the CLC Fitness Center usage. 
  • 2nd Floor Foyer Tables and Chairs
  • Gymnasiums will remain closed at this time.
Personal Training & Group Fitness Classes

Personal Training

Upon the reopening of our facility, personal training will resume. In order to ensure all health and safety practices are being met, we will adhere to all AHS guidelines.

  • Personal Trainers will be required to wear masks when training clients within the facility. Each new client requires a change of mask. 

  • No physical contact will be permitted in Personal Training sessions, unless needed to ensure safety of clients i.e. spotting is permitted with PPE in place.

  • Equipment use will be limited to one apparatus at a time. Super sets using multiple machines will not be permitted.

  • All equipment must be cleaned before and after each use.

  • All personal training consultations will be via online platforms, as facility consultation areas will not be available.

  • All personal trainers and clientele must book into an online exercise session.


Group Fitness Classes

The CLC Fitness Centre will not be resuming live group fitness classes upon our initial re-opening. However these classes are allowed in Stage 2 as per the AHS guidelines. We may resume modified group fitness classes in the near future. Modifications will include class size reductions with facility spaces modified to ensure physical distancing. Group Fitness Class structure will minimize clientele and instructor movement throughout the space.