Facility Rental Rates

Prices subject to change* 

Trans Canada Theatre

 Music fees are required for all public events where copyrighted music will be played. If a valid SoCan and/or ReSound membership number is not provided the above music fees will be charged as applicable.
VenueMonday-Thursday (8 hrs)Additional per hourFriday-Sunday (8 hrs)Additional per hour
Theatre - Rehearsal (1-4 hrs)$400$50$500$75
Theatre - Performance (1-8 hrs)$750$50$850 $75
Foyer only (1-4 hours)$250$75$250$75
Band or Cosmo Room each (incl foyer)$150$75$200$75
Lighting & Sound Tech (mandatory)$250$75$250$75
SoCan Music Fee Dancing (per day)$132.39 $132.39
SoCan Music Fee No Dancing (per day)$66.19 $66.19
ReSound Music Fee Dancing (per day)$55.52 $55.52
ReSound Music Fee No Dancing (per day)$27.66 $27.66

Ralph Klein Centre

All rentals include a basic set up and take down of the space. Special set-ups and applicable fees will be determined by the Conference Services Coordinator. 
VenueMonday-Thursday (8 hrs)Additional Per HourFriday-Sunday (8 hrs)Additional Per hour
OHS Commons $250$50$350
Multi Purpose Rooms each$250$50$300
Gymnasium court each$300$50$400
NEW** Staffing Fees$75.00/half day
(for weekend events &/or outside regular business hours$125.00/full day

Bell e-Learning

VenueMonday-Thursday (8 hrs)Additional Per HourFriday-Sunday (8 hrsAdditional Per Hour
Computer Labs$300$100$400$100
Jack Anderson Foyer$250$50$350

Outdoor Recreational Facilities

VenueMonday-Thursday (8 hrs)Additional Per HourFriday-Sunday (8 hrs)AdditionalPer Hour
Football (Normie Kwong)$150$25$150
Baseball Diamond$75$10$75
Tennis Courts$150$25$150
Additional charges for line painting on fields will apply
Parking Lotn/an/a$150
Grounds/Grassed Areas (NOT INCL FIELDS)$100$15$150