We will improve the quality of your life...

Having a plan will help you achieve your goals faster. No matter what your goals are, our personal trainers can design an individual program that takes the 'guesswork' out of your workout and adds great benefits to your gym membership.

From a healthy diet to the right combination of cardio and resistance training, to the benefits of vitamins and supplements - your personal trainer will determine the correct balance for you. They'll be there to motivate you and guide you in reaching your goals safely and effectively.


Trainers in our facility are certified and experienced and are some of the best in the industry. They specialize in cardiovascular, strength/conditioning, active rehabilitation/injury recovery, sports specific, lifestyle and nutritional counselling as well as weight management programs. They are truly committed and devoted to providing you with the approach towards a more active, fitter and healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to make individuals achieve their absolute health and wellness. 


1) One-on-One Personal Training

 If you haven’t been exercising in a while, you may feel uncomfortable about going to a gym. That is why clients  that work one-on-one with personal trainers get the best results due to their commitment and accountability.

 2) Personal Training with a Friend

 The best of both worlds: get the individual attention of your personal trainer and the camaraderie of working out  with a friend. When you work out with a buddy, you are not only accountable to your trainer, but also to your  work-out buddy; they’ll both help keep you going and you’ll have fun together!

 3) Group Classes

 If you’re not sure which group exercise class is right for you, you can purchase a $10.00 FLEX CARD to try out your  class of interest before registering.  There are many different options when it comes to fitness classes, just  remember fitness should be fun!


Our facility does not set personal training rates, trainers that use our facility set their own fee schedule.


Please call 403-507-7782 for trainer contact information. We do not book sessions however we can provide you with contact information for our facilities trainers. 



New to the Fitness Centre? Not quite sure what the equipment does, or how to use it? Join one of our Personal Trainers for a non-intimidating 30 minute introduction to the Fitness Centre. We will go over cardio machines, weight machines, free weights, and proper etiquette.

To inquiry about booking a Facility Orientation contact the CLC Fitness Centre (403) 507-7782.