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The Community Learning Campus (CLC) provides a collaborative approach that supports Olds College, Chinook’s Edge School Division and other school division efforts to provide dual credit programming for high school students.

Dual Credit Programming

What is dual credit?

A high school student who is involved in dual credit is taking a post-secondary course that results in both high school credits and post-secondary credits being earned.  Students are enrolled in both the high school and the post-secondary institution at the same time.

Why dual credit?

Research indicates a number of benefits for students in dual credit programs, including increased student attendance, student engagement and achievement, and career and life goal setting. Students have a chance to complete post-secondary programming before they graduate. The CLC partnership between Chinook’s Edge School Division and Olds College allows a seamless approach to the delivery of dual credit programming.

Where are the courses being offered, and what courses will be available?

As each school division may have different dual credit offerings, all details about dual credit courses are available through a student’s high school.

Who is eligible for dual credit?

Generally, students in Grades 10 to 12 are able to apply for dual credit courses and programs. A student’s Guidance Career Counsellor will assist in determining if there is a dual credit course or program that is a right fit.

Get Started

Contact your school's guidance counsellor for more information on dual credit offerings.

Last updated: May 08, 2023 (12:00PM)

The Community Learning Campus is a joint venture between Olds College and Chinook’s Edge School Division, in collaboration with the Town of Olds and Mountain View County.