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Our Co-ed Intramural leagues are offered during the fall and winter for students, staff, and community. You are welcome to sign up as part of a team, or as an individual. Intramurals are an opportunity to play sports in an environment that celebrates teamwork, mutual respect, and most of all fun!

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  • The Community Learning Campus will provide initial emergency care, such as the provision of bandages, or ice; to any participant injured during intramural games (notify staff of all injuries). THE INTRAMURAL PROGRAM WILL NOT PROVIDE SERVICES TO PREPARE OR MAINTAIN A PLAYER'S READINESS TO PARTICIPATE. In other words athletic therapy services are not provided. Participants need to bring their own tape, etc. to prepare themselves to play.

    1. All Intramural Sports participants should ensure that they have personal health care coverage and be sure that their medical insurance is adequate and current before participating in any activity.

    2. It is the responsibility of every person participating in intramural sports to ascertain whether they have any health conditions, which make it inadvisable to participate in that sport. The Community Learning Campus DOES NOT assume that responsibility. Persons who are uncertain should consult their physician.

    3. Intramural staff should be notified of ALL INJURIES sustained during intramural competition. If needed, the participant will be given first aid. Emergency services may be dispatched to assess an injury, particularly in the event of head, neck, back and major joint trauma. Cost for ambulance treatment and transportation is the participant’s responsibility. An accident/injury report will be completed for all injuries.

  • Team captains serve as the primary contact between Intramural Sports Staff and their team. Matters affecting the team are communicated to each team captain and in turn they are responsible for conveying the information to the team(s) members.

    Captain’s responsibilities include:

    1. Make sure that all waivers have been completed before teammates play (This includes substitute players).
    2. See that all team members are aware of all CLC policies and sport rules.
    3. Be sure that all members of your team meet CLC eligibility requirements.
    4. Ensure that your team has access to the league schedule and rules & policies. These will be emailed to all participants by the CLC staff, but can be resent if need be.
    5. Emailing the group email chain before game time if they will be unable to make the games. Ideally more than three hours in advance.

    During competition captain responsibilities include:

    1. Verify that players all are eligible to participate.
    2. Cooperate fully with administrative staff regarding enforcement of policies and procedures.

    Maintain control of your team and spectators behavior in terms of conduct, safety and sportsmanship before, during and after your intramural game. You will be held responsible and shall not allow team members to participate if they have been consuming alcohol and/or drugs prior to your contest.

    Notify the CLC Staff of any safety hazards/injuries/concerns regarding equipment, facilities, etc. Please share with your team the intramural policy regarding first aid supplies and the need to prepare yourselves to play.

    1. Captains are responsible for the actions of his or her team. It is the responsibility of all captains to review all policies and rules with their players.

    2. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by an intramural participant will result in their suspension from that game and possible further suspension. Captains may also be suspended for the actions of their team.

    3. Deliberate injury or a deliberate attempt to injure an opponent will result in automatic suspension from all intramural activity for at least one (1) year.

    4. Harassment and verbal abuse of CLC staff, or other participants will result in ejection from the game. It can also result in up to a lifetime suspension from all intramural sports activities. Striking an official will result in an automatic life suspension from all intramural activities.

    5. Fighting will result in automatic suspension from all intramural activities for a minimum of one (1) year. Any attempt to instigate an altercation will be considered a fight.

    6. The involvement of two or more team members in a fight will result in the removal of the team from the league. Individuals involved in a fight will be suspended.

    7. An entire team (consisting of all players registered on the roster sheet) may be disqualified from play for the following infractions:

      1. Harassment of CLC staff by more than one of its players

      2. Flagrant unsportsmanlike conduct

      3. Playing with an ineligible player

    8. Alcohol, marijuana, & tobacco products are not permitted in the playing area. This includes dressing rooms.

    9. CLC Staff reserve the right to have a player or team removed from play if he/she deems it necessary, without further discipline to the player or team.

    10. Ejection from an intramural sports game will result in an automatic one game suspension to be served at the teams’ next game immediately following the ejection.

  • A default will occur when a team fails to appear or fails to have the minimum number of players necessary to start the game. Teams will have ten (10) minutes after the scheduled start time to field the minimum number of players needed to start the game, failing to do so will result in a default. The captains of the teams involved have the option of agreeing to an alternative solution, providing they obtain CLC staff approval before the start of the game. A default may also occur if a team does not meet the CO-ED requirement of a given league. 

    CO-ED Volleyball - Teams are made up of a 4:2 gender ratio (self-identified)A minimum of 2 players of the same gender must be on the court at all times.

    All defaults will result in a fairplay rating of zero (0) (Fairplay may be later adjusted by CLC Staff)

    Teams that give CLC Staff and other captains a minimum of three hours’ notice that they will not be able to field a team will not be charged with a default, the game will be declared a forfeit.

  • Number of games per team in a league’s playoffs will be determined by CLC Staff according to facility availability. All team members are required to play in a minimum of one (1) of their teams regular season weeks to be able to play in playoffs. Any team that missed more than three weeks during the regular season will be automatically disqualified from playoffs.

  • Sportsmanship is a priority. Participation in Intramural sports should be first and foremost a fun experience.

    The fairplay program is an integral part of maintaining a safe, fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all involved in Intramural Sports. The fairplay program rewards those teams that compete in a sportsmanlike manner. The program does not allow those teams with a record of poor sportsmanship to participate in league playoffs. Fairplay scores are at the CLC Staff’s discretion.

    After each week captains or designated team members will rank the fair play of their opposing teams on a scale of zero (0) to three (3), by answering the following question:

    "Have the teams significantly contributed to the enjoyment of this game in spirit of sportsmanship and fairplay?"

    0 | Default/ Player Ejection: Conduct which undermines Intramural Sports main objectives and goals. Includes infractions against league policies and procedures such as (but not limited to): Fighting, physical abuse, verbal abuse, harassment, ejections, or any behavior(s) which undermines the safety of participants and staff.
    1 | Unsportsmanlike: Conduct which undermines the CLC’s main objectives and goals. Can also include infractions against league policies and procedures such as (but not limited to): verbal abuse, harassment or any behavior(s) which undermines the safety of participants and staff.
    2 | Average Sportsmanship: Conduct which follows the CLC’s main objectives and goals. Teams conduct has no infractions against Intramurals Policies and Procedures
    3 | Excellent Sportsmanship: Conduct which provides a fun and safe environment for sport in a recreational or competitive setting. Teams show respect on the playing field to participants and staff. Examples include: Helping set up or take down equipment, end of game handshakes and congratulating the opposing team for a good play.
  • A playing fee is required to register for all intramural activities and must be paid at the time the registration is made. The playing fee will be refunded in full if the league, or event is cancelled by the CLC. Refunds are only available one week (7 days) prior to the scheduled start date for the event, after this term no refunds will be processed. Failure to field a team, show up, failure of opponents to show up, or otherwise dropping out of the league are not acceptable reasons for a refund.

    The CLC program will guarantee that your team will be scheduled for 10 weeks (including playoffs). However we cannot guarantee the number of games a team will play. The CLC program does not refund money to teams who receive byes due to changes during the season because of teams defaulting, dropping out of the league, the loss of games to weather, loss of games to facility changes, etc. All efforts will be made to ensure that all teams play their required games.

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